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Comprehensive Implant Dentistry in a Modern, Relaxing Environment

The Complete Implant Process, From Start to Finish

Dr. Robert Carimi and our team are passionate about helping our patients experience the life-changing benefits of dental implants. We know firsthand the impact permanent tooth replacement with dental implants has on patients, and are pleased to offer a minimally invasive, personalized approach to helping patients overcome failing and missing teeth. As a one-stop location for comprehensive implant dentistry, we can complete all phases of your implant procedure in our state-of-the-art practice, whether you need single dental implants, full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures to restore your smile. From your initial consultation to final restoration of your dental implants in Charleston, SC, you can expect to enjoy a comfortable, positive experience!

What Factors Impact Dental Implant Cost?

Dr. Carimi offers a complimentary implant consultation, to help you learn if dental implants are right for your tooth replacement needs. We take CT scans to gain a clear picture of your oral health, and present implant treatment options best-suited for your smile. Our implant coordinator also reviews your financial responsibility for treatment and discusses convenient payment options for care.

Once we have decided on the type of dental implants procedure ideal for your smile, we take digital x-rays of treatment sites and impressions of your upper and lower arches. These impressions and x-rays will be used to create surgical guides that greatly enhance predictability, stability and precision when placing dental implants. At this visit, we also discuss options for sedation dentistry and review any final details of your treatment before implant surgery begins.

This is the day of implant surgery! Before we get started, Dr. Carimi administers sedation dentistry (if chosen) and thoroughly anesthetizes treatment sites. He uses the CHROME™ guided implant surgery system to precisely position your dental implants in exact locations within your jawbone. Once your dental implants have been surgically placed, we attach a temporary restoration to serve oral function and esthetics until your implant sites have fully healed and integrated with the bone (typically two to three months for single dental implants and four to six months for full arch cases). Dr. Carimi performs a follow-up the next day to check your comfort and recovery from surgery.

At the fourth and final implant visit, we finish your procedure by attaching your permanent implant restoration (crown, full arch prosthetic or implant supported denture) in place. Dr. Carimi securely affixes your replacement teeth to your dental implants, checks your bite for comfort, and reviews homecare instructions for keeping your dental implants and surrounding tissue healthy and in top shape.

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Dental Implants Offer More Than Tooth Replacement

Replacing hopeless or missing teeth with dental implants in Charleston, SC, is about more than just restoring oral health and oral function. Dental implants give you back your freedom to enjoy a beautiful, confident, natural-looking smile! Along with refined artistic skill and dental techniques, Dr. Carimi uses advanced technologies like Digital Smile Design to generate predictable results and create replacement teeth perfect for your jaw structure, facial esthetics and personal smile goals. No matter your tooth replacement needs, you can expect to leave our practice looking and feeling your absolute best after your final implant visit.

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