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Gentle Extraction Procedures for Problematic Teeth

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Tooth Extractions Improve Oral Health and Wellness

Tooth extractions are common surgical procedures performed to remove problematic teeth and improve oral health, wellness and patient comfort. Though many patients do not like the thought of losing natural teeth, tooth extractions often are the best course of treatment for certain oral problems. Leaving problematic or infected teeth in the mouth can result in tooth pain, systemic illness and a host of other dental complications. To help patients achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable smile, Dr. Robert Carimi offers general and wisdom tooth extractions from our Charleston, SC, practice. He has advanced surgical training in tooth extractions and uses his experience and skill to help patients of all ages overcome a range of dental concerns.

Common Reason for Tooth Extractions

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Same-Day Tooth Extractions and Implant Placement

Some patients fear having tooth extractions because of how their smile will look when a tooth or teeth are removed. As a comprehensive implant dentist, Dr. Carimi routinely replaces extracted teeth with dental implants. Implants replace both roots and crowns of missing teeth, and offer a look, feel and function that rivals natural tooth structure. With implants, no one will know you are missing teeth! In many cases we can remove failing teeth and place a dental implant within the same visit.

Comfortable Tooth Extraction Visits

Perhaps the biggest concern among patients who need tooth extractions in Charleston, SC, is the fear of pain. At Sedation Dentistry of Charleston, we cater to those who are anxious! Dr. Carimi and our team are committed to providing comfortable tooth extractions, no matter your oral health condition. Our gentle extraction techniques combined with relaxing sedation dentistry services let you get the care you need, without the worry. We offer complimentary nitrous oxide to all patients, and can provide further sedative solutions for deeper levels of anxiety, if needed.

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