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Overcome Fear of the Dentist with IV Sedation Dentistry

Each year, dental anxiety and fear prevents many patients from reaching the healthy, happy smiles they deserve. Now you do not need to suffer any longer with Dr. Carimi, a sedation dentist. Some are traumatized from negative past experiences, while others are overwhelmed by extensive treatment needs. No matter the source behind your dental fear or anxiety, Dr. Robert Carimi and our team are here to make a difference in how you experience dentistry! Our minimally invasive, gentle approach combined with IV sedation or other options makes receiving dental care a nearly painless experience. In fact, many patients who were once fearful now actually enjoy their dental visits! IV sedation in Charleston, SC, calms more than just your fears – it can change your relationship with your smile once and for all! We are proud to offer IV sedation and other sedation services to meet a range of patient needs.

IV Sedation - Charleston, SC

IV Sedation

IV sedation is ideal for those who have severe dental phobia, difficulty remaining still, multiple or surgical treatment needs, or behavioral concerns. Administered intravenously, IV sedation’s near-immediate effects leave you conscious but with little-to-no memory of your procedure. IV sedation offers complete relaxation, and may make you feel like you slept through your visit.

patient using oral sedation Charleston, SC

Oral Sedation

Ideal for moderate dental anxiety, general aversion to the dental office or a sensitive gag reflex, oral sedation is a prescriptive sedative pill taken prior to your appointment time. This method of sedation leaves you feeling very relaxed, calm and even sleepy, but fully alert and able to respond to our instructions.

Nitrous-oxide Charleston, SC

Nitrous Oxide

Complimentary to all patients, nitrous oxide is ideal for those who experience common dental jitters or minor anxiety. Nitrous oxide is a clear, odorless gas inhaled before and during the procedure. The effects leave you feeling calm and even euphoric. Once the gas is stopped, the effects dissipate quickly and leave you ready to resume normal daily activity.

Local Anesthetic Charleston, SC

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic is numbing medication we use to block pain receptors in treatment sites. Local anesthetic can be used on its own to provide comfort or in combination with sedation dentistry services for a more relaxed experience.

Commitment to Patient Comfort and Safety 100 Percent

Each member of our team is 100 percent committed to making you feel comfortable, providing gentle and stress-free care, and creating the relaxed environment necessary for positive dental visits. Dr. Carimi is trained and certified to administer IV sedation, and monitors patient safety throughout the entire procedure. He can help you choose the right level of sedation to vanquish any fears, however minor or severe. To ensure complete comfort during dental treatment in our Charleston, SC, practice, we are pleased to offer complimentary nitrous oxide to all patients!

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Calm your fears with IV sedation dentistry!