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A Permanent Alternative to Traditional Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures: Permanent, Stable, Natural-Looking Replacement Teeth

Tooth loss in any amount changes your oral function and often your physical appearance. But the loss of multiple or full arches of teeth carries a deeper impact, also affecting your self- confidence, general well-being and lifestyle. For some patients, traditional dentures may be a viable option. But a growing number of others are turning to the permanence of implant supported dentures for tooth replacement. These type of dentures are anchored to the jaw by the strategic placement of two or more dental implants, and soundly blend the stability of implant technology with the convenience of denture appliances. If you have multiple failing or missing teeth, a personalized consultation with Dr. Robert Carimi can help you decide if this would best meet your tooth replacement needs and smile goals!

Traditional Denture - Charleston, SC

Traditional Dentures

Implant Supported Denture - Charleston, SC

Implant Supported Dentures

What Is the Process?

We begin the process using guided implant surgery, which ensures precision implant placement and more predictable results. Though it is a minimally invasive procedure, we do offer sedation dentistry to help you feel totally comfortable and relaxed when receiving implant supported dentures in Charleston, SC. Tooth extractions of failing teeth or bone grafting in areas of bone loss often are performed during the same visit as implant surgery. Your implants are given four to six months to fully heal and fuse solidly with the jaw. Dr. Carimi then partners with our professional dental lab to custom-create your dentures for a smile that is uniquely you! Dr. Carimi has received advanced training in surgical techniques, as a result he is extremely skilled at completing the entire procedure from our modern, inviting practice.

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