Gum Grafting - Charleston, SC

Precision Skill & Technique for Treating a Receding Gum Line

Gum Grafting Reverses the Effects of Gum Recession

Gum recession is a common occurrence among patients that results from factors like gum disease, teeth grinding, genetics and a misaligned bite. When gums recede, they shrink away from the teeth to expose the underlying and more delicate root surfaces. This leaves the teeth at greater risk for decay, mechanical damage, erosion and even tooth loss. Gum tissues that have receded will not grow back on their own, and may require gum grafting in Charleston, SC, to return the gum line to a healthier level on the teeth. Dedicated to convenient and comprehensive patient care, Dr. Robert Carimi is pleased to offer precision skill for reversing gum recession with proven gum grafting techniques.

Candidates for Gum Grafting May Have:

Restore a Healthy Gum Line with Proven Gum Grafting Treatment

A tried-and-true periodontal procedure, gum grafting in Charleston, SC, uses healthy gum tissue from your own mouth (usually the palate), a tissue bank or other biocompatible source to replenish receded gum tissue around affected teeth. Dr. Carimi performs gum grafting to effectively raise or lower the gum line to an appropriate level, covering root surfaces and restoring your smile’s appearance. These new tissue samples are sutured in place and allowed to heal, after which grafted areas blend seamlessly with existing gums to create a new gum line. Always committed to patient comfort, we provide complimentary nitrous oxide and other sedation services for gum grafting treatment, if preferred.

Do you have sensitive teeth from receding gums?