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Gum Disease: The Leading Cause of Tooth Loss in Adults

Gum disease is often referred to as a silent threat to your oral and general health, and is the primary source behind adult tooth loss today. Caused by bacteria toxins within the mouth, gum disease progressively destroys the bone and gums supported your teeth and often leads to tooth loss unless effective gum disease treatment is received. If you have bleeding, swollen or tender gums, chronic bad breath, gum recession, or loose teeth, you may be experiencing some level of gum disease and require gum disease treatment. Our friendly, experienced team can help! Dr. Robert Carimi and our skilled hygienist perform gentle gum disease treatment in Charleston, SC, to save your health and smile.

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical gum disease treatment that removes plaque, tartar and bacteria from beneath the gum line. Our skilled hygienist gently and thoroughly smooths roots surfaces of this debris during this gum disease treatment, which allows the gum tissues to heal, reattach to root surfaces and minimize spaces where harmful bacteria hide.

In more advanced cases of gum disease, or when certain areas do not respond to scaling and root planing, gum disease treatment with osseous surgery may be recommended. Dr. Carimi performs this gum disease treatment by gently retracting the gum tissues and removing diseased tissue and tartar deposits deep below the gum line. He thoroughly smooths the roots and treats any bone defects caused by bacteria, and then sutures the gums in place to initiate healing.

Maintaining gum health following gum disease treatment is extremely important and accomplished through periodontal maintenance visits. These appointments are schedule every three months, and help patients maintain gum health and manage oral bacteria after gum disease treatment is complete. Periodontal maintenance replaces biannual cleanings, and includes thorough cleanings and exams, retreatment of active infection, x-rays as needed, and close monitoring of periodontal pocket depths.

Scaling and Root Planing

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Gum Disease Treatment and Systemic Health

Apart from the potentially devastating oral effects, gum disease also increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and problems during pregnancy, among other systemic health problems. Identifying the oral condition and receiving gum disease treatment in Charleston, SC, as soon as possible offers the best defense against tooth loss and the risk for general health concerns. Dr. Carimi and our team routinely screen for gum disease and the need for gum disease treatment at regular check-up visits. But if you notice bleeding when brushing or flossing, or other symptoms between visits, please contact our team right away to schedule evaluation for gum disease treatment!

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