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What Is Digital Smile Design?

When it comes to creating the ideal smile, there is no one-size-fits all approach. Digital Smile Design is an advanced treatment planning tool Dr. Robert Carimi uses to offers a systematic, personalized approach for designing a smile perfect for each individual patient. Digital Smile Design in Charleston, SC, blends the artistry of cosmetic dentistry with the science of modern dental technology to generate predictable, optimal smile results. With this Digital Smile Design technology, we can plan the exact shape, shade, and length of each tooth in the smile zone. Digital Smile Design software uses videography and photographic data along with functional and biologic data to produce a virtual representation of your end results. The best part of Digital Smile Design? You get to see how your final smile results will look before treatment even begins!

To start the Digital Smile Design process, we perform a thorough clinical assessment of your oral health needs, and discuss your personal preferences on how you want your new smile to look. We take digital videos and photos both inside and outside of the mouth, and input this information into our software. Other components of data collection and analysis we consider during Digital Smile Design include your facial structure, symmetry and shape, personality and oral health needs.

The next step of Digital Smile Design is where we begin customized smile creation. Using the data we have collected, Dr. Carimi manipulates the virtual Digital Smile Design representation of your smile by meticulously transforming each tooth appearing in the smile zone to its ideal color, shape, length and size, in relation to your facial and oral features. This approach creates a smile proportionate to your face, jaw, gums, lips and mouth when at rest, smiling and exhibiting other types of emotions.

Apart from experiencing the final treatment results of Digital Smile Design, the smile mockup phase is the most exciting part! This is where you get to see in realistic fashion what your new smile will look like once treatment is complete. Our Digital Smile Design software generates a predictable visualization of smile transformation results. At this point, we make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan and visual mockup until you are completely satisfied with your Digital Smile Design.

The final phase of designing your perfect smile is cosmetic dentistry treatment! Most of these procedures address both functional and esthetic needs of the mouth, and often include porcelain veneers, lifelike crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, full arch dental implants and full mouth reconstruction treatment.

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Achieve a Smile That Is Uniquely You

We love the process of transforming smiles through Digital Smile Design for Charleston, SC, patients. Dr. Carimi is highly proficient in general, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, and offers complete smile makeovers from the comfort and convenience of our cutting-edge practice. Every patient is unique and their smiles should be, too! Digital Smile Design offers you the opportunity to get the smile of a lifetime built on your unique facial characteristics, character and oral features. Dr. Carimi is proud to blend the art and science of dentistry to positively change the lives of our patients.

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