Advanced Technology - Charleston, SC

Improving Oral Health Through State-of-the-Art Care

Advanced Technology Enhances Safety, Comfort and End Results

Advanced technology is changing the level of comfort, safety and precision for patients who visit the dentist in Charleston, SC. As as dentist passionate about improving the patient experience, Dr. Robert Carimi invests in the latest technology proven to enhance diagnostic capabilities and delivery of predictable treatment outcomes. Advanced technology affords our patients a wealth of benefits, from low-radiation x-rays to faster recovery and a minimally invasive approach to restoring oral health. Advanced technology is drastically improving patient care, and we are pleased to offer you and your family better dental experiences with our cutting-approach to comprehensive dentistry.

Our Advanced Dental Technologies
Create Healthy, Happier Smiles

Digital Smile Design is an advanced treatment planning tool our dentist and team use to show patients how their smiles will look following cosmetic dentistry treatment. This software uses your facial shape and structure along with innovative video and digital technology to generate a virtual rendition of final treatment results, before we even begin!

Three-dimensional CBCT imaging is essential for accuracy in planning successful implant and other surgical outcomes, as two-dimensional x-rays do not always portray the full picture when it comes to oral health. These low-radiation images reveal exact anatomical positioning of the teeth, jawbone, nerves and other structures. Choosing a Charleston, SC, dentist who uses CBCT scans enhances the overall safety and precision of your care.

We use a lightweight, yet powerful, pen-like camera wand to capture and transmit live images of areas within the mouth to our computer screen. Intraoral photos aid our dentist in diagnosing oral conditions and better enable patients to understand their treatment needs.

Incorporated into surgical procedures like implant placement and bone grafting, PRGF use plasma from your own blood to stimulate the body to generate new bone and gum tissues in treatment sites. PRGF can speed recovery time and improve the healing response.

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