Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry offers Dental Anxiety Relief

Sedation Dentistry: The Answer to Dental Anxiety

According to recent studies it’s calculated that three out of every four Americans has dental anxiety.  Although, majority of these people know and understand the importance of going to the dentist their anxiety can be so strong that it trumps their better judgment when it comes to maintaining their oral health. However, thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry and different sedation options the amount of people with dental anxiety avoiding the dentist is decreasing. Review some of information below about sedation dentistry to get a better understanding of how its decreasing patient anxiety.

Local Anesthesia to Take Your Mind Off Pain

The truth of the matter is that those who suffer from dental anxiety usually have a fear of the pain they will experience at the dentist office being more than what they can tolerate. However, with the use of local anesthesia a dentist can eliminate the pain you will feel. Therefore, any amount of discomfort a person with dental anxiety is worried about experiencing at the dentist’s office is eliminated with local anesthesia. It’s calms a patient and relaxes them so that they can have their oral hygiene taken care of.

IV Sedation to Slow Down Racing Minds

IV Sedation works to slow down a patient with dental anxiety’s racing mind. It is administered through the veins intravenously. This method allows the best dosage for a patient to be customized for each patient based on what procedure they will be having done. Also, another benefit of IV sedation is that the patient does not have to be put to sleep which would happen if they were given general anesthesia.

Laughing Gas for a Seriously Good Dental Experience

For patients whose dental anxiety extends to a fear of needles Nitrous Oxide would be the best form of sedation for them. Nitrous Oxide which also commonly referred to as laughing gas can help to suppress a patient’s consciousness. Doing so allows the brain to relax and let go of preexisting dental anxieties.

Oral Sedation, and Alternative Route for Sitting Still Comfortably

Oral Sedation is an alternative route for sitting still comfortably. If a patient has anxiety about their procedure to the point where they are feeling jittery than oral sedation will help, make them more comfortable. Also, if a patient has a fear of needles than oral sedation offers them an alternative.

Get More Answers

Please feel free to reach out to your local dentist to schedule a consultation in order to learn more about sedation dentistry and explore what the best form of sedation would be for your specific case.

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