recession of gum tissue

Are You Seeing a Difference In Your Gumline?

Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed a significant difference in the amount of gum to teeth ratio? If so, you might be suffering from gum recession. This could be a cause of you brushing your teeth too hard, but if you look a little deeper into the cause it might be an early sign of gum disease. You’ll want to see a dentist at your earliest convince to make sure your gum recession isn’t something that can turn into a serious problem later in your life. Until then, let’s take a closer look into some other symptoms and treatments of this potentially fatal disease to better approach this issue with your dental practitioner.

Usual Symptoms of Gum Tissue Disease

Other than the recession of gum tissue, there are other symptoms that might present themselves in the form of:

– The formation of pus between your teeth and gums

– Bleeding followed by pain when flossing or brushing

– Soreness of the gums

– Constant bad breath

– Loosening teeth / Missing teeth

– Periodontal tissue that pulls away from the teeth

If you feel that you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you should schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Robert Carimi. They are extremely experienced in recognizing indicators of the disease as well as treating it with leading-edge dental/medical technology.

Our Gum Disease Treatment Options

Dr. Carimi’s team utilizes innovative procedures to eliminate signs and symptoms of gum disease. Treatments that Dr. Carimi can offer consist of:

– Root planing and scaling

– Osseous surgical procedures

– Periodontal Maintenance

Set your Appointment today

For more information on gum disease treatments, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Carimi. Our highly trained team at Sedation Dentistry of Charleston is here to answer any questions you might have about all things dental related. We are currently located in the Charleston area in South Carolina to better assist you with your oral healthcare.

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